Triple H Doesn’t Want NXT To Look Bad When Stars Don’t Make It On The WWE Main Roster

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Triple H has a lot riding on what NXT is able to produce. WWE’s developmental system is supposed to pump out top Superstars for years to come, but so many of them haven’t been able to deliver on the main roster after being successful in NXT.

On the other hand, names like Braun Strowman and Elias have been able to find a lot of success in WWE without much of a push in NXT.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that Triple H doesn’t want NXT call-ups to fail after they’ve been stars in NXT. It reflects badly on him. Not only that but if they fail on the main roster then it could be viewed as if they were never top stars in the first place.

There has to be a lot of pressure for Triple H and it could be a worrisome situation. After all, he can do the best job possible in preparing someone for the main roster, but then once they get there it’s all out of his hands.

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