Lars Sullivan Proves He Is A Huge Teddy Bear That Nobody Should Be Afraid Of

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Lars Sullivan is on his way to the WWE main roster, but we’ve known about that for weeks. At this point, we’ve become accustomed to his face on RAW and SmackDown Live during his weekly promos. Apparently, he isn’t always a big scary monster though because he can also be a very nice guy.

Sullivan sent out a tweet this morning concerning his own WWE main roster call-up, but he wanted to make sure that the focus wasn’t all on him.

“Please spare me any ‘congratulations.’ Please, give it all to my wonderful NXT colleagues. They are each so talented, and most importantly wonderful human beings. May you all have a blessed day. And a blessed holiday season too!” Lars Sullivan tweeted out when he really didn’t have to. You can tell that he cares.

It looks like he’s just as happy for Lacey Evans, EC3, Nikki Cross, and Heavy Machinery as we all are. Hopefully, the WWE Universe will be able to accept them all as they find their spots on the main roster. In the meantime, it’s really nice to know that Lars Sullivan is in reality, an incredibly supportive co-worker.

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