Zack Ryder Takes Dig At How Much WWE Uses Him On RAW

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Vince McMahon is showing up on WWE RAW tonight and he will have a big announcement to make. We’re not sure what McMahon is going to say, but it might just be a desperate hail mary attempt to gain viewers with no real plan in mind.

Zack Ryder is still employed by WWE as a wrestler for the company. You might not realize this unless you go to a live event or tune into Main Event. He has an idea about what McMahon could be announcing tonight, but it’s not likely.

“Maybe I’ll finally have a match on RAW this year,” Ryder tweeted out along with a “fingers crossed” emoji.

It’s unlikely that Ryder is going to get any kind of mention from Vince McMahon, but crazy things have happened before. Ryder has opened up about his frustrations before. If anything, it’s a pretty clever dig at the fact that WWE seems to have forgotten about using the Broski on RAW.

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