Dolph Ziggler Gives Hilarious Advice When Asked For WWE Tryout Tips

Dolph Ziggler has been around WWE for a pretty long time. Therefore, he’s a great person to ask advice about the business and how to make it in WWE.

One fan recently asked Ziggler for some advice, and he received some tips that he didn’t see coming. Actually, he didn’t get any guidance at all in regards to pro wrestling training thanks to a type-o.

Ziggler was asked: “dolphin I am also a wee tryout superstar do you have any advise for me please respond.” We didn’t correct any misspellings in that question for good reason because Ziggler’s reply played off of those errors.

“haha I think there’s a typo. I believe you mean “wii” superstar. In that case, i CAN advise you! In the itchy & scratchy CD ROM, to get out of the dungeon, find the wizard key,” Ziggler replied.

Therefore, if you’re going to ask a WWE Superstar for advice, you might need to check to make sure you’re getting the correct message across first. This is especially true if you’re asking a guy like Dolph Ziggler who also has plenty of experience as a standup comedian.