WWE SmackDown Results – December 4th, 2018

Welcome to Ringside News’ live coverage of SmackDown Live for December 4th, 2018. This is a live result so please keep refreshing and we’ll keep you up to date on what’s going on.

SmackDown is live from Austin, Texas this week and much of, if not all of the WWE Superstars have spent the day with the US Military at Fort Hood filming the Tribute To The Troops special. There are still a number of matches and segments planned as WWE rolls on toward TLC on December 16th.

Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton are announced to face each other yet again, but you never know what WWE could do. There is also a contract signing planned between Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Asuka for their upcoming TLC match at TLC. Again, you never know what can happen in those either but it’s likely to be intense because of The Man.

Xavier Woods is scheduled to take on a member of the Usos and Daniel Bryan will be a very special Championship guest on Miz TV. The Undertaker is also backstage and that could be a very interesting addition to a Tuesday night.

Let’s get right to it as SmackDown Live kicks off December 2018 with hopefully a much better show than RAW did last night.

Contract Signing

Paige was already in the ring and hyped TLC before introducing Asuka, Becky, and Charlotte.

Becky took the mic first and said that she makes history every time in the ring. She is willing to do anything it takes to win and then she called Flair and Asuka dopes. Flair said she picked up the ball that Becky dropped at Survivor Series and destroyed Rousey with one kendo stick. It only took Nia Jax one punch to destroy Lynch’s face.

Flair and Lynch kept arguing until Asuka spoke up. She said that Lynch picked wrong and Asuka would have beaten Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series. Then Flair brought up how she beat Asuka at WrestleMania.

Lynch said neither of them could beat Rousey and they can’t beat her. She signed her contract and left Flair and Asuka in the ring alone. Flair said she was going to finish Asuka at TLC and then they signed the contract and Asuka asked if she could break her right now.

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville walked out next and Rose asked Paige if this is how she wants to make history with those two undeserving women instead of the two women she personally groomed for stardom. Deville said she should have won the battle royal last week as well.

Rose said if they want to see fire and desire, then Paige is looking right at it. Then Mandy asked what happens if Asuka and Flair don’t make it to TLC. So Paige booked a tag team match to start next.

Backstage Segment

Shane McMahon was backstage next to the WWE World Cup trophy and The Miz came in to complain about having Daniel Bryan as his guest on Miz TV. The Miz said he and Shane are partners and McMahon said they’re not.

Shane said Miz needs to get answers out of the New Daniel Bryan. The Miz said he owes him, and Shane said he didn’t.

Asuka & Charlotte Flair vs Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville

Flair and Asuka seemed to be trying to outdo each other as they really schooled. Flair tossed both of them out and hit a crossbody to the floor. As Charlotte looked up at Asuka, Becky Lynch made her way back down the ramp.

Deville and Rose ended up getting the advantage and then Asuka fired up and fought back. Flair took the hot tag and then she started rallying on the heels.

Then there was a miscommunication between Flair and Asuka where Flair accidentally hit a big boot on Asuka which sent her off the apron. Then Sonya Deville rolled up Flair and they got the win.

So Mandy and Sonya beat Charlotte and Asuka.

Winners: Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose