Baron Corbin Promises To “Put Something Fresh” In WWE RAW This Week

Last week’s episode of WWE RAW was a swing and a miss for many fans. Some considered it the worst episode in the show’s history and Vince McMahon was heavily involved, of course. But Baron Corbin is the Acting RAW GM, so he was also in a ton of segments as well.

Corbin recently talked to Booker T on Heated Conversations about how last week’s episode of RAW didn’t deliver and he addressed that head-on by talking about his critics. But he also promised to provide something fresh as RAW rolls through Houston.

“I think that it’s good that people do speak their minds a little bit but you know it’s my show and if you want to change it, come and try. That’s what I say, come get it if you want it.”

“I’m in charge but tonight we’re gonna step it up we’re gonna put something fresh out there. We’re always out there to put out the best show possible. I want tonight to be better than last week. I want it to be better than the week before. I want next week to be better than this week. If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse.”

Hopefully, RAW will be able to provide fans with something new this week. If anything, WWE has to know how poorly their show is performing. But if I were a betting man Vince McMahon will continue to live in his bubble. But hopefully, we will still see some kind of turn around this week for the sake of everybody involved.

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