WWE’s Original Intention With The Brood Revealed

Edge, Christian, and Gangrel made up The Brood during their run with WWE as a trio. But the team wouldn’t last for long. Edge and Christian went on to have successful careers as a team and singles, but sadly Gangrel’s WWE run was plagued with injuries but he is still working the indies to this day.

Bruce Prichard spoke about The Brood during an episode of Something To Wrestle With which was dedicated to Christian. During Captain Charisma’s story, you have to talk about The Brood and Prichard admitted that the team was broken up far too soon because they had some intentions to utilize the Freebird Rule with the stable.

“I think it was ended too soon. I think these guys could. Another thing was the idea with the Brood was to do the Freebird gimmick where any two members could work a tag team match we even said that they could basically switch-in matches which is a thing I think Russo came up with, didn’t make a lot of sense. But it was different.”

“I don’t think that anybody had tried to do that Freebird rule in quite a while. So it was new, especially in the WWE. So I don’t think that we exploited that enough, I don’t think we used that three-man team the way that it could have been used.”

“So were they broken up too soon? In my opinion, I think they were. I think that we could have gotten a lot more out of them, those three guys as a tag team.”

It would have been interesting to see how WWE could have let The Brood do their thing as a trio using the Freebird Rule. After all, New Day has been quite successful with that same strategy later on which proves it could certainly work in WWE. This fact made The New Day’s Holloween costumes really pop some people this year.

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