Renee Young On Getting Stressed Out During Special Olympics Segments

Renee Young is on the RAW commentary team at this point, but there was a time when her skills were mostly seen in backstage interview segments and kickoff panels. Renee is awfully comfortable being herself which is one of the reasons why she has the gig she has. But when it comes to numbers, it’s pretty easy to mix those up.

Young recently opened up on her Regular Girls podcast about some instances WWE has put her in where she’s a bit uncomfortable because it’s so easy to stress out over getting very important numbers wrong.

“I would always get very stressed out. Doing serious stuff I’ve gotten better at it because I do have to navigate those waters quite often. It’s one thing to get serious about wrestling matches or whatever, I can clown in that area, that’s fine.”

“But when they would get me to come out and do stuff for Special Olympics or Susan G Komen or like really hammering numbers, getting information right, that makes me like want to be Amy Schumer-sick it stresses me out. So much, I can’t. I just feel so much pressure like I can’t screw this up, and if you start to screw this up, how can you recover, not with a joke!”

Renee Young is just getting started in WWE if you really think about it. Because at this point she has a long career ahead of her. But when she’s in a serious situation or dealing with numbers she has to get right, there is definitely a learning curb you must consider.

So if you look back at some of those older Renee Young segments where she’s giving a number of facts or figures there might be some hesitation just because she wants to make sure she gets everything right.

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