The Jim Ross Report Recap w/ Dave Meltzer – Booking Bobby Roode, Why WWE Shouldn’t Be A Comedy Show, Thoughts On The Brand Split, More!

Ross opens today’s show by speaking about Becky Lynch, who continues to gain momentum on Tuesday nights. He thought Lynch and Charlotte had an outstanding verbal in-ring outing on Smackdown this past week, where he thought Charlotte got the better of the mic work. He also notes that Asuka is a star that somehow got lost after WrestleMania, and he thinks this 3-way Title match should be terrific.

Ross sends his regards to Edge on the passing of his mother, Judy. Ross informs that he bonded with Judy many years ago after signing Edge and Christian to their first WWE contracts for $210-250 week. Judy did everything she could to help Edge live his dream, and he did just that.

Ross admits that he’s struggling to invest in certain WWE matches lately because he tends to focus on watching for a run-in, and that tells him that there are too many run-ins overall. He also points out that WWE has always been a babyface promotion, where their focus was on building fan favourite superstars. That doesn’t seem to be the case right now, given all the double and triple team heat we’re seeing on WWE programming lately.