Why WWE Is Treating Survivor Series 2018 Like It Never Happened

WWE approached Survivor Series like they were late getting in their homework so they were piecing it together on the bus ride to school. Roman Reigns’ leukemia announcement and subsequent hiatus was a terrible hit for everyone involved, especially Joe Anoa’i. But WWE was still forced to reconfigure a big puzzle they had for Survivor Series and beyond.

Vince McMahon didn’t want to see AJ Styles vs Roman Reigns at Survivor Series so the initial intention was not set to be brand vs brand. Therefore, this new storyline idea might not make it back into the storyline picture until sometime early next year. But there were many more plot holes that WWE left uncovered.

Charlotte Flair was picked by Becky Lynch to be her Survivor Series replacement and then after a competitive match, Flair ended it via DQ with multiple kendo stick shots and a post-match beatdown. This is usually indicative of a heel turn, but that wasn’t the case on SmackDown Live the next week. Meanwhile, Daniel Bryan worked in a babyface role against Brock Lesnar, but The New Daniel Bryan was his same-old newly turned heel self the next week without any explanation.

Dave Meltzer explained on Wrestling Observer Radio that this falls in line to what he was originally told about Survivor Series this year because apparently, nothing was supposed to matter.

“I think the one thing when it comes to Survivor Series is kinda like what I was told before Survivor Series is that you have to go in with the idea that it doesn’t count and that everything goes back to normal after.”

With this logic, Charlotte Flair didn’t turn heel as she attacked Ronda Rousey in Los Angeles. But on the opposite side of things, Daniel Bryan, who worked largely as a babyface at Survivor Series was also still a heel because he turned on SmackDown Live the previous week.

Only time will tell what WWE has in line for the future of the product, but we’ve heard that at least one idea created at Survivor Series might not come back into the picture until next year. This is certainly an interesting note about the internal thought WWE has for one fo their traditional Big 4 pay-per-views.

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