Lana Claims Zelina Vega Is Acting Like A ‘Little Dog’

WWE superstar Lana isn’t afraid to throw insults around like they’re going out of fashion on social media, and the latest evidence of that comes from her ongoing feud with Zelina Vega.

The two women are often considered to be the best female managers in professional wrestling, despite the fact that WWE insists on them wrestling too. With that being said they’re still coming on leaps and bounds in the ring, to the point where they’re considered to be valuable assets by the company.

As you can see they’ve taken their feud over to social media as we’ve seen many WWE stars do over the last few years, and Lana isn’t going to hold back anytime soon.

Lana has certainly had her ups and downs in WWE, and she was once considered to be one of the most interesting things about their weekly programming, but it seems as if any controversy is behind her – for now, at least.

Vega, on the other hand, could soon be aligned with a world champion with many fans expecting Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas to have a major break out year in 2019. There’s no guarantee of that, but he certainly seems to be on his way to the top.

Vega and Lana know how to bring the best out of one another and they’re definitely on the right kind of brand to expand their feud, with many members of the WWE Universe believing that SmackDown Live is quickly becoming the A-show – with the female stars playing a big role in that.