Big News On Former WWE Superstar Joey Mercury’s Legal Troubles

Joey Mercury didn’t make ALL IN even though he planned to be there and produce a match as well. But he was arrested while sleeping in his car in the parking lot of a hotel that he had a room in. That was interesting, but the story got even stranger.

We previously reported the insane case of mistaken identity for Mercury. He was accused of stealing credit cards when there was proof that he was across the globe at the time.

But they still had to put Joey through the proper legal channels in order to make sure that everything was done by the book. After all, once you’re arrested for anything they can’t just let you go even if there is evidence, just watch Making A Murderer to see that evidence.

Now PW Insider reports that Mercury is free and clear and the charges against him were dropped. This is a good ending to a story that could have been made much worse. But it’s still a shame that it kept Joey from making ALL IN.