WWE SmackDown Results – November 27th, 2018

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The Bar vs The Usos – Non-Title Match

The Big Show wasn’t with The Bar because Cesaro got mouthy with Show and then he clocked the Swiss Cyborg and knocked him out cold.

The Usos tagged in and out on Cesaro and kept up the punishment until Sheamus took a cheap shot and took out Jimmy to regain control.

Really, the Usos should have gotten this match anyway after getting the 1 win for SmackDown at Survivor Series, even though it apparently doesn’t count.

Jey finally got the tag after Jimmy took plenty more damage and Cesaro kicked out after a running Rikishi hip attack in the corner. Sheamus got the tag and ended up outside of the ring with Cesaro.

Jey went for a dive, but Cesaro nailed him with a forearm and then Sheamus took Jey’s head off with a knee and then hit a knee drop off the second rope for a two count. Sheamus climbed to the top rope but Jey ducked and Sheamus took a post.

Jey hit Cesaro and Sheamus with Superkicks and got a near fall. Then Jimmy got the tag and they both climbed up for the twin splashes. But Cesaro nailed a forearm on Jey off the splash, and Sheamus got his knees up on Jimmy for a two count.

Jey almost got a pin but then Cesaro found himself getting a blind tag situation and Jimmy nailed a splash for the win. But this was a non-title match so they just win pride.

Winners: The Usos

The New Day was backstage laughing at a phone. The Miz walked in and they said that they were laughing while watching The Miz and Shane McMahon’s loss last week. The Miz said they were fighting for SmackDown’s honor.

Kofi said they pulled down the only win for SmackDown at Survivor Series and The Miz said that win didn’t win. Then The Miz said he was going to McMahon and setting up a match tonight.

Woods asked what The Miz’s problem is and Big E started talking about The Miz’s character from The Marine. Kofi accused him of being a “closet Mariner” and then Big E left seeming embarrassed.

Then AJ Style is shown brooding in a back room somewhere and a stagehand walked in and said: “It’s time.” So AJ is next

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