WWE Lets Fans Behind The Scenes Of Survivor Series With Compelling Footage

WWE Survivor Series was a night full of newsworthy moments, but before it all went down in LA, WWE was preparing at high gear for their big Staples Center event. WWE has recently released some footage of their Superstars before the big show giving us access that we seldom see.

Brock Lesnar, Charlotte Flair, Ronda Rousey and others are shown getting ready before their big moment as they go through the curtain for Survivor Series. The stage was set carefully, even though nobody expected Enzo Amore to show up and make a scene.

In this video, we not only get a glimpse of WWE staff putting together Seth Rollins’ special split t-shirt for the event, but the video focuses on each performer as their match is announced by Michael Cole in this epic video.

Complete with a full orchestra, this video is pretty compelling and really adds some drama to the event that took place a week ago.