Why Rey Mysterio Gives 200% In WWE When People Tell Him He Doesn’t Need To

Rey Mysterio is a shoo-in for the WWE Hall Of Fame eventually, but he’s not done yet at all. Since his return to the company, he’s been highlighted a few times but his recent feud against Randy Orton might translate into his first extended program since his return. After all, you don’t just pull off Mysterio’s mask and not expect a receipt of some kind.

While speaking to Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast, Mysterio revealed that he still gives so much in the ring for his fans. He said that there are people who are advising him to take it easier, however working light apparently isn’t in his move set’s capability.

“I definitely couldn’t come back and wrestle the full schedule that I had prior to me leaving four years ago, my body is definitely beat down after twenty-nine years of a solid career and I’m just the type of person who when that bell rings or when I step through that curtain I’m ready to give 199%-200%.”

“You know I don’t know how to hold back and as much as people tell me, ‘Rey you gotta take it easy, your knee, this, that. You don’t have to do that much, you’re okay. You know, people already know you,’ I can’t cheat my fans. So I go out there and I give everything.”

Mysterio signed a two-year deal with WWE and he has the option to not re-sign with the company, but his new road schedule has made it much easier to be able to rest when needed. At this time, Mysterio isn’t booked for WWE TLC, but that could always change. His feud with Randy Orton could also be traced more recently back to the post-match attack after Mysterio defeated The Viper at WWE Crown Jewel.

Now as he continues his WWE career and makes new fans while re-capturing older ones, there’s nothing stopping Rey Mysterio from doing all he can in the ring every time he goes out to perform. Only time will tell if his new WWE contract will have any kind of vacations factored into it, but he’s going to keep performing at the highest level possible while he can.

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