The Rock Shares Footage Of Himself Pranking Owen Hart Along With A Great Memory

The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson is a worldwide celebrity at this point as his films continue to break open box offices all over the globe. But he started his journey in the public eye as a WWE Superstar and during his earlier days, Owen Hart made a great impression on him.

A fan recently shared a video of The Rock and Owen Hart during their time together as WWE Superstars. It was a pretty great blast from the past for The People’s Champ as he revealed how crucial of a time this was for his career and how great it was to have Owen Hart around for the good times.

“This one makes my heart smile so f*cking big. A fan sent me this vintage video of me pantsing my buddy Owen Hart in front of the press while we were on our big wrestling tour in Dubai. This was my rookie year and Owen and his brother Bret Hart really took me in and mentored me at a critical time when this rook needed it. We had a lot fun. We worked extremely hard. I’ll never forget it and I’ll always be grateful to Owen & Bret. The Hart’s.
Miss you Owen. Til we meet again..”

It sounds like Owen still lives on in the hearts of everyone he ever met. He meant a lot to The Rock during their time together and it was a pretty cool memory for The Great One to share.