Matt Hardy Goes Off When “Fan” Says Wrestling Is Fake

Matt Hardy has been around the pro wrestling business for over two decades at this point and if I were a betting man he’s been told that wrestling is fake before. But it doesn’t make it any easier to hear.

One person, who I guess is a fan commented saying, “Do u or does anybody believe this sh*t is real?” That seemed to trigger Matt Hardy and for good reason, as he replied:

“So you’re asking ME, one of the athletes that valiantly took part in ‘this $h*t,’ if this is “REAL?’ Perhaps instead of questioning the intelligence of wrestling fans, you should question your own intelligence for tweeting such insulting ignorance .#HaveCourageAndBeKind, right?”

Hardy has racked up a lifetime worth of pain and currently has an injury where his spine and pelvis is fusing together. So it’s probably fair to say that this fan got served by some Woken Wisdom.