WWE pretty much does whatever they want at this point and the fans can’t do much to stop it from happening. Vince McMahon uses WWE as his own personal entertainment at times and many fans have grown disenfranchised by the fact that WWE seems to be so hung up on their corporate interests.
The fact is that WWE, while they love drawing heat — they don’t want the entire company to be viewed as heels. They recently sent out a survey to their Fan Council asking what they can do differently.
As noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE sent out a survey to fans asking what they think about the company. A certain question was directed at the fans’ reaction to certain decisions the company has made.
As noted, “Among the statements asked about that they were looking to reaction on is whether the company is too heavily directed by corporate interests, if the storylines don’t have enough time to develop, if some great wrestlers aren’t getting the coverage they deserve, if the wrestlers don’t have the ability to talk off the cuff,, that there aren’t enough unique personalities, the stars aren’t as compelling as they used to be, if they feel the current champions haven’t earned their spots.”
This is very interesting that WWE is trying to apparently gauge fan criticism. After all, they barreled through with WWE Crown Jewel and many other decisions that have legitimately upset fans in recent months. Therefore, only time will tell if WWE will do anything to rectify these issues or if they’re just trying to figure out if people are still mad at them.

H Jenkins

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