WWE Monday Night Raw Results – November 19, 2018

Charly Caruso is backstage with Seth Rollins again. She asks for an update and Rollins says Ambrose took it too far by bringing up Roman Reigns’ situation. When he gets his hands on Ambrose, he will make him wonder why he ever turned. Titus O’Neil comes out and says he just saw Dean Ambrose run thataway. Rollins runs off.

Ronda Rousey makes her way to the ring and she’s smiling wide, despite what happened last night. The crowd chants, “Becky,” and Rousey looks disappointed. Rousey is covered in bruises. Rousey mentions she’ll defend her title at WWE TLC against Nia Jax. She’s aware of how dangerous Jax is. Just look what she did to Becky’s face. At TLC, she’ll tap out Nia Jax. When she’s done with Jax, the next chapter of Rousey versus Charlotte Flair will be written. They’ll finish what they started last night.

Rousey isn’t here to pose and look for sympathy. She wants to show them what a true champion is. A true champion doesn’t choose when to fight. A true champion stands on guard in sickness and health. You have to be the best in the world on your worst day. Another “Becky” chant fires up. Rousey takes off her jacket and says this is her on her worst day. They zoom in on Rousey’s welts. Rousey wants to defend the title tonight. If she can’t, she doesn’t deserve to be champion.

Baron Corbin’s music hits, and he comes out to boos from the crowd. Corbin denies her request for a title match. As Acting General Manager, he cannot allow her to compete tonight in good conscience. Rousey says she’s had 17 fights in her career and never pulled out or postponed any of them. She’s had plenty of reasons to do so, but she never did because that’s what it takes to be the baddest bitch on the planet. Rousey orders him to go back there and find a challenger for her title… or maybe Corbin wants a shot at the champ. A “YES” chant picks up. Corbin wishes Rousey luck. Corbin says he’ll go back there and find a challenger. He says whomever he chooses will be the next RAW Women’s Champion.

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We’re back and out comes Ronda Rousey’s opponent; the six-time Women’s Champion, Mickie James!

WWE Women’s Championship Match
(C) Ronda Rousey Vs. Mickie James

Rousey quickly takes James down and jabs away at her. James quickly kicks her down and punches away at the injured body. James knees her in the midsection and kicks her down. James kicks her in the head a few times before chopping the chest. Rousey soon fights back and hits some arm drags. Rousey hits the Piper’s Pit and it looks over but instead she picks James back up. Rousey says something before hitting a second Piper’s Pit. Rousey scoops her up and hits a third Piper’s Pit. Making a statement here. Rousey then applies her arm bar for the win.

Winner: Ronda Rousey

While Rousey goes up the ramp, Nia Jax and Tamina come out. Jax holds up her fist to signal that she’s the “face breaker” before walking off.

We get a video package for the match between Brock Lesnar and Daniel Bryan.

Bobby Roode and Chad Gable make their entrance. They’re in action, next.

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The show a video that says Survivor Series 2019 will be in Chicago.

Drake Maverick is out next with the Author’s of Pain.

Author’s of Pain Vs. Bobby Roode & Chad Gable

Chad Gable starts against Akam. As soon as the bell rings Akam takes Gable down, before throwing him across the ring. Rezar tags in. Akam hits Gable with an atomic drop into a knee from Rezar. Rezar picks up a two count. Rezar scoops Gable up in a modified torture rack. Gable turns it into a sleeper, but Rezar slams him down. Gable soon comes back with an armbar over the top rope. Gable sidesteps him and tags in Bobby Roode.

Roode attempts to fight off Rezar while the crowd something at AOP. Roode jumps over Rezar and hits a running forearm for a one count. Roode comes back and hits a blockbuster. Gable tags in and manages to roll up Akam for the win.

Winner: Bobby Roode & Chad Gable

I have no idea what WWE is doing with the tag division right now, I’m not convinced they do either.

We go backstage to see Dean Ambrose sitting by himself. Ambrose says he’s not playing games with Seth Rollins, though he has enjoyed watching him run around like a lunatic. Rollins is so whiny. Ambrose says this isn’t about Roman Reigns. Ambrose thinks he smells something awful and blames it on the people. Ambrose says he’s going to burn it down.

Natalya will take on Ruby Riott, next!

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Seth Rollins is leaving the arena. Kayla Braxton asks if he’s given up looking for Dean Ambrose. Rollins says he’ll have him in four weeks at WWE TLC.

Natalya Vs. Ruby Riot W/Sarah Logan & Liv Morgan

The bell rings, and Natalya takes her down before punching away at her. Riott soon fights back, but Natalya responds with a slap. Natalya hits an atomic drop and a dropkick for a two count. Natalya punches away at Riott in the corner before the referee backs her up. Natalya tries for a Sharpshooter, but Riott gets to the bottom rope.

Riott crawls out to regroup with her squad. Natalya chases Riott back into the ring and scares Sarah Logan off the apron. Riott hits a reverse STO and kicks Natalya in the ribs. Riott kicks Natalya out of the ring as we head to the break.

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We’re back from the break and Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring – booed loudly all the way there. Ambrose says it was too easy. Every person in the crowd would have done the exact same thing he did. They’d stab their own family in the back for anything. At least his reasons were justified. Ambrose has been around people like this his whole life. Ambrose doesn’t feel sorry for himself. Dean says the way they cheer for Rollins makes him sick. Ambrose can’t stand the smell of them.

We go backstage to see Seth Rollins running around. Ambrose laughs while Rollins runs around backstage on the titantron. Rollins charges down to the ring, and tackles Ambrose! The fans are hot for this! Rollins clotheslines Ambrose out of the ring and hits a suicide dive. Rollins punches away at him. Referees run down to help. Ambrose tries to leave through the crowd, but Rollins catches him and throws him back to ringside. Rollins hits a diving knee off the barricade and gets him in the ring. Rollins kicks him in the face and tries for a Stomp, but Ambrose hits a low blow. Ambrose stands over him and warns Rollins to never interrupt him again. Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds and angrily looks around. Ambrose then leaves the ring to loud boos from the crowd. Ambrose then turns around and hits Rollins with a second Dirty Deeds. Ambrose stares at Rollins on the mat and that’s it.

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