Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair faced off at the WWE Survivor Series and the two were having a pretty impressive match that had many close calls. Then things went terribly wrong.
Ronda tried to get an armbar and Flair rolled out of the ring only to get drug back in for a Piper’s Pit from Rousey. Flair rolled out of the ring after blocking another armbar and the referee started to count, but Flair baited Rousey out of the ring only to have Charlotte Flair whack Rousey with a kendo stick out of nowhere causing the referee to call for the bell.
Flair continued her assault on Rousey one kendo stick shot after another as she lost it on Rousey. Flair walked in the ring with a chair and tried to destroy Rousey with it, but the referee stopped her only to have her run back in and hit a Natural Selection on a steel chair. Then she trapped Rousey’s neck in a steel chair and stomped down on it for good measure.
Finally, medical staff and WWE officials ran down and separated Flair from Rousey as the LA crowd chanted, “Thank you Charlotte!”
So it looks like Ronda Rousey won via DQ, but it wasn’t the win Rousey was looking for at all. But after the assault was over, Ronda Rousey got up on her own free will and left on her own while fans chanted, “You deserve it,” at Rousey.

Felix Upton

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