Alexa Bliss Says She Is A Born Leader After WWE Survivor Series Win

WWE Survivor Series started with the 5 on 5 Women’s elimination match. The Raw side was captained by Alexa Bliss but the star of the match was the unrelenting heat against Nia Jax.

In the end, no matter how much of a babyface team SmackDown was, Nia Jax ended up toppling Asuka after hitting a few leg drops and a Samoan Drop.

Bliss couldn’t compete due to injury but she was on the outside barking orders during the match. She commented after their Survivor Series win that she’s a born leader but let’s hope she is more than that.

Alexa Bliss is currently sidelined due to a concussion and hasn’t been cleared to compete yet. Until that happens, at least it seems like WWE is figuring out ways to keep her around on TV.