Rob Van Dam Opens Up About Homosexual Remarks He Received Over His Career

Former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam was recently interviewed by Justin Barrasso over at Sports Illustrated, where he revealed that he would often get homosexual remarks from wrestlers over the years.

Barrasso initially brought up the topic of stretching. It is well-known that RVD stretches a lot, which has helped him to become flexible, despite his age. While addressing this, RVD mentioned that wrestlers would have homosexual remarks to him for stretching, but that stretching has helped him be in the health he is today.

“Even in ’91, when I was in the indies in Florida, I still had my stretch routine back then. When I did my splits on the floor, there was always, always some homosexual remark made from one of the wrestlers. You can guess what those guys said, but my stretching has played a significant part in my longevity and my physical health.”

“I’m at a point in my life now that I find very rewarding. I only wrestle 10-12 matches a year, and I get to pick and choose my matches. I have so much to be grateful for, but I’m still stretching and going through my routine to make sure I’m at my best. When I stretch a few days in a row, I’m limber as f—.”

He also went into further detail on the routine he has:

“When I’m on the grind, like I was with WWE’s never-ending tours, I hated all the factors of the job except for showing off in the ring. That’s the flights, the rental cars, and everything else. Then, and now, meditation is my escape. It’s an inner-experience. I leave the secular world. I don’t even need to use my eyes.”

“I had to teach my muscles to trust me. So when I stretch, it’s about relaxing the targeted muscles. Too often people strain muscles because they’re trying to elongate a muscle, making it contract, so you’re actually working against yourself.”

For those wondering if RVD would appear in WWE again, “The Whole F’N Show” confirms that it is unlikely, but not impossible. Given RVD is known to smoke weed, his chances of being cleared to compete go down. With Matt Riddle working for the company, WWE may loosen their policies around the use of recreational marijuana- which would open the doors up for a final RVD run.

“I know that my fans want to see me back in WWE. To that, I can say, it’s good to be wanted. I can tell you that I enjoy my days off a lot more than my days on, but I appreciate the fans. It’s because of them I have the life I have. So thank you to the fans, I know they’re going to stick with me for life, and never say never.”

Would you like to see RVD work WWE once more? Who would he face? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.

With H/T to Sports Illustrated for the transcription.