X-Pac begins today’s show by discussing two indie performers who suffered injuries recently. He points out that Joey Ryan tore his pectoral muscle and Cody Rhodes has a small issue with the meniscus in one of his knees. X-Pac notes that injuries are always tough and hopefully those two guys can get back in the ring soon. He recalls Kevin Nash tearing his quads back in the day, and that was really hard to watch.

He informs that the night Nash tore his quad was the same night that he wrestled his last WWE match. He had a reaction to some sulmas that he had taken and had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. He called WWE and told them what had happened and he went on to work a match that night. Unfortunately, as Nash tore his quad and the NWO angle was all but over, X-Pac’s days were numbered anyways, and he was done with the company soon after.
X-Pac talks about Neville’s new physique. Neville posted a picture on social media this past week showing off his new physique and some fans were quick to accuse him of steroid use. X-Pac points out that just because someone is shredded nowadays, that doesn’t mean they’re on steroids. He points out that Neville’s physique doesn’t come from steroids, it comes mostly from his diet. X-Pac gives Neville credit, adding that he looks amazing and he’s happy to see him back in the game.

Smackdown Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch found herself in a bloody mess on RAW Monday night. X-Pac says this has been a great angle, admitting that he wasn’t sure this match made sense for Survivor Series initially because he thought this could have been a great WrestleMania match. X-Pac doesn’t think WWE can do anything to get fans to boo Lynch at this point, and he warns WWE about Rousey’s rhetoric on RAW this past week, noting that her promos’ content can lead to her becoming dislikable if they’re not careful.
Unfortunately, Lynch can no longer compete at Survivor Series due to a concussion she suffered at the end of RAW, and X-Pac notes that those multi-person scuffles almost always end up with someone getting hurt. That’s why he never liked battle royals. Nonetheless, he gives credit to WWE for sticking to their concussion protocol and not making an exception here given the importance of this match.

X-Pac welcomes Matt Hardy to the show.
X-Pac admits that when he first broke into WWE he did everything he could to fit in, including ribbing people. The Hardys didn’t do any of that stuff when they came into WWE and he gives them credit for that. Hardy points out that they came from a very different world prior to joining WWE and they lived by the morals instilled in them by their loving mother, who died from cancer as a young woman. Matt and Jeff wanted to fit in and didn’t want to disrespect anyone, but they also wanted to uphold their morals as well.

Hardy recalls getting ribbed by multiple performers when they first showed up in WWE. X-Pac’s ribs never felt personal or mean-spirited, but some of Bradshaw’s ribs felt pretty mean-spirited from time to time. He notes that Bradshaw’s a really cool dude if you’re good with him.
Hardy admits that he and Jeff had no business being in WWE when they first got there, but the only way they could learn was by being around people better than them. They did their best and got through it early on until they improved, and they finally felt like they belonged after teaming with Michael Hayes and winning the Tag Team Championships.

Hardy points out that he and Jeff wrestled The Young Bucks for ROH the night before their return at WrestleMania, and he was quite stressed about the entire situation. He received calls from Triple H, and then Michael Hayes and Vince McMahon later in the day, urging him and especially Jeff to take it easy in their ROH match to ensure they didn’t hurt themselves because they were needed at ‘Mania the next night.
He points out that he had the upmost trust in The Young Bucks, and he told them everything about their WWE return. He asked them to take care of him and Jeff that night, and they were very cool and easy to work with.

Their entrance at WrestleMania the next night was an amazing moment, and he distinctly remembers people grabbing their faces, genuinely shocked and happy that he and Jeff had returned. He says that’s a moment he’ll never forget.
Hardy informs that we will definitely be seeing more “House Hardy” episodes on the WWE Network in the coming months. The Halloween episode garnered such great feedback and Network officials were thrilled with that. He points out that the idea to film these specials came as an attempt to lengthen his career, because if he can’t jump off ladders anymore he knows there has to be another way to entertain the WWE Universe.

He points out that he really wanted people to criticize his sanity when he started the “Broken” gimmick. X-Pac notes that when Hardy started sending out those tweets early on, he really thought Hardy had lost his mind.
As far as Hardy’s future goes, he says he’s certainly not done yet, and we certainly haven’t seen the last of him.
That sums up today’s episode of X-Pac 1, 2, 360. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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