Brock Lesnar has shown great interest in facing a big-money opponent in the UFC and Dana White seems to be very open in having him come back and fight. But at the same time, his relationship with WWE has grown even more. Lesnar did re-sign another extension to his contract reportedly around October 18th after WWE was told about Roman Reigns’ forced hiatus due to leukemia. But, we still have to wonder if Brock Lesnar had any actual intentions of going back to fight in the Octagon at all.
Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Brock Lesnar is the X Factor in this situation because we still don’t even know what his plans are following WrestleMania next year which is the exact same position we were in this year. Perhaps, Lesnar has been playing both sides against each other, but as Meltzer continued to speculate through his laughter about the situation, Lesnar had to re-join the USASA testing pool in order to make it really believable if he was really working everyone.

“Brock’s the most unpredictable guy in the world because still nobody knows what he’s doing. We don’t know if he’s going to UFC or not. I don’t know if he was ever going to UFC. I mean he may have been playing Vince [McMahon] from day 1 for all we know and Dana [White] too.”
“He had to [rejoin USADA testing] if he didn’t do that everyone would have known it was fake. I took it seriously when he went into drug testing but I always said that you know it’s still Brock and Brock’s got the mastermind Paul Heyman with him but it’s still Brock and to play the game he had to go into drug testing because if he didn’t go into drug testing they’d know he’s just playing a game. He’s still in the drug testing, he hasn’t pulled out.”

There are a few drawbacks and advantages for Lesnar to stick with WWE and go back to UFC as well. He will be protected in WWE because his name has been built up as a special attraction. He would get a marquee fight in UFC, but there’s no guarantee that he will be protected in a shoot fight. Only time will tell what WWE does, but things could get very interesting very soon.
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