WWE SmackDown Live Results — November 13th, 2018

AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan – WWE Championship Match

AJ lifted Bryan to the floor and hit a flying forearm in the opening moments before they cut to commercial break.

Styles started working on Bryan’s leg early to soften it up for an enviable calf crusher. Daniel caught Styles with a kick to the face, but Styles reversed Bryan’s charge and tried for a springboard but Bryan shoved him to the floor. Bryan tossed AJ into the post to injure his shoulder and then he did the same to the other post to soften up AJ’s left arm.

Once they returned to the ring, Bryan continued to work on Styles’ left arm. He latched on a submission to AJ’s left arm as well and then followed with a stomp and a kick to the back before pinning for a two count.

They traded shots in the middle of the ring and then Styles hit a flying clothesline, but Bryan jumped up and flipped over AJ using the turnbuckle. They shot off the ropes and both hit a dropkick at the same time to lay each other out.

Bryan hit a running knee in the corner and hit a rana from the top turnbuckle for a two count. Then Bryan climbed to the top rope, but AJ stopped him. They battled on the top turnbuckle until AJ nailed a Pele Kick to stop Bryan in his tracks. AJ climbed up, but Daniel slipped under him and caught him in a tree of woe to lay in some kicks and a low dropkick to AJ’s face. Then he nailed a belly to back superplex from the top rope.

Bryan got a near fall there.

Daniel hit some more Yes Kicks, but AJ ducked the last one and tried for a Styles Clash, but Daniel fought out of it. They fought on until AJ hit another Pele Kick and rolled to the apron.

AJ went for a springboard 450, but Daniel turned it into a Yes Lock but AJ got to the bottom rope.

Daniel went for a running knee, but AJ hit a dropkick to the left knee and then locked on a Calf Crusher. Bryan reversed into an armbar and a Yes Lock in the middle of the ring. Then AJ turned it into a slingshot to the corner.

AJ got on the apron and missed a Phenomenal Forearm and then AJ hit the official. Daniel Bryan hit a low blow and then hit a running knee to win the WWE Championship.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

After the match was over, Daniel Bryan did a post-match beatdown on AJ Styles to solidify his heel turn.