Welcome to Ringside News’ live coverage of SmackDown Live for November 13th, 2018. This will be the go-home show for Survivor Series and it looks like WWE is going to be forced to pull one of the most exciting matches on the card.
Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch were set to battle at Survivor Series this Sunday, but after Nia Jax clocked Becky Lynch during SmackDown’s invasion of Raw last night it looks like Lynch is injured with a broken nose and a possible concussion.
SmackDown Live is going to be very interesting. This is a live result so keep refreshing throughout the show!
Opening Segment
SmackDown Live opened this week with them showing clips from the SD invasion of Raw last night. They did a great job not showing the blood on Becky’s face with the clips they used. But it was pretty hard to avoid during the chair shots Lynch gave to Rousey and the post-match celebration.
Then they announced that Becky Lynch has been pulled from the Survivor Series match with Ronda Rousey because she suffered a fractured face and a severe concussion thanks to Nia Jax.
AJ Styles came down to the ring next and he hyped his match against Brock Lesnar. AJ said he almost beat The Beast Incarnate last year and this year he intends on doing more than surviving.
Suddenly, AJ spotted Paul Heyman at ringside and AJ insisted that they give Paul a mic and then he did his usual routine. Paul called AJ “Mr. Styles” and then said that on Raw he said no one that Lesnar wants to fight more than AJ.
The reason he wants to do it is that Styles ranks up there with so many legends. Then Paul said Styles is nearly as good as Daniel Bryan. Paul said that we’ll never see Lesnar vs Bryan and AJ isn’t a consolation prize, but it’s an honor for him to be at ringside with the 2nd greatest in-ring performer in WWE history (meaning Daniel is 1st).
AJ said he sees what Heyman is doing, but he has nothing but respect for Daniel Bryan. But he reminded Heyman that he didn’t just beat Bryan, he tapped him out. Lesnar won at Survivor Series last year, but AJ walked out with his head held high, but Lesnar limped which tells him he’s vulnerable and for 371 days AJ has gotten better at tapping out and Lesnar has gotten more vulnerable at tapping out.
He said this Sunday will be about him and not Daniel or Brock. Then Daniel Bryan came out.
Bryan said he didn’t know why people were talking about him. He admitted that AJ tapped him out and thanked him for bringing it up. But Bryan said he respects him and he meant that but he also said he’s been looking for a reason to punch him in the face and he meant that too. Then Daniel said if AJ mentions him again without reason then he’s punching him in the face.
Daniel said thank you and goodnight and tried to leave. AJ said Heyman brought up Bryan’s name, Then AJ asked if someone asks him about a technical master he’s been in the ring with he can’t say “Daniel Bryan?” Then Daniel punched him in the face and didn’t stop.
Shane McMahon ran down and called WWE officials down and they did a pull-apart like WWE loves to do and they do them so well. AJ and Bryan have unfinished business.

When we got back from commercial, Shane is trying to hold AJ and Daniel back from each other backstage. There was chaos and Shane kept yelling “chill out!” Then Paige showed up asking what was going on as Shane McMahon booked a WWE Championship Match for tonight
It was confirmed that AJ Styles will defend the WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan tonight!
Jeff Hardy vs Andrade Cien Almas
These two worked a pretty basic match for their styles and meshes well. Zelina Vega was back with Almas which was great to see. Corey Graves said on commentary that they have security at every entrance to stop any invading Raw Superstars as well. That usually works out well.
Almas put Jeff through his various moved including a running double knee in the corner and Jeff continued to sell. Hardy went for a Twist Of Fate but Almas revered and hit a back elbow for a two count.
Hardy reversed out of the Hammerlock DDT and hit a Twist Of Fate before climbing up top and hitting a Swanton Bomb for the win.
Winner: Jeff Hardy

The Miz and Paige were backstage as Paige to his ld him that Daniel Bryan is no longer a part of Team SmackDown. So The Miz replaced him with Jeff Hardy and then kicked Rey off the team. Because Daniel is gone and now so is his pick.
Paige said if he doesn’t want Rey Mysterio on his team, then he’ll have to beat him. That match is next.
Shinsuke Nakamura cut a promo backstage where he had his cellphone and earbuds in. He said that last night Seth broke his heart. He showed what he was watching on his phone and it was Seth Rollins’ promo on him on Raw last night. Apparently, Nakamura said it broke his heart that Rollins said he didn’t care about him. So Nakamura will “break his face.”
Rey Mysterio vs The Miz
The Miz was able to match Mysterio early on, but Mysterio soon hit a bulldog and got a two count. Rey landed a kick and slid under Miz to kick him in the face, but The Miz soon slapped on a headlock to slow Mysterio down a bit.
Rey hit a seated senton and kicked The Miz in the side of the face, but The A-Lister kicked out. The Miz ducked under a springboard crossbody and got a two count of his own.
The Miz hit a powerbomb for another two count “Are you kidding me?!” he asked the referee. Then The Miz caught Rey in a Skull Crushing Finale, but Mysterio reversed it and hit a 6-1-9 — frog splash but it was countered. Suddenly, Mysterio rolled up The Miz and got a quick 3-count.
Winner: Rey Mysterio
Randy Orton tried to sneak attack Mysterio, but Rey got away. The Miz took an RKO instead.

They showed the extra security guards at the entrances all forming a plan of action. They don’t want an invasion to take place in St. Louis.
They showed Becky Lynch backstage and her face was all bruised up. She will address the SmackDown crowd next.
Becky Lynch’s Annoucnement
Paige started out in the ring and introduced all of the women’s roster one by one.
Paige said that Lynch can’t wrestle at Survivor Series but she’s about to come down and pick her own replacement. When Becky came out, the pop was huge. She’s incredibly over and looked tough as nails with a bruised and busted up face while holding up her title.
Becky said she’s angry and then she said that she’s sorry she can’t finish what she started yet. She said Ronda wasn’t the baddest, she’s the luckiest.
Then she picked her replacement. She took her time and then she stood up to Charlotte Flair and picked her. Flair shook Lynch’s hand and then they hugged in the ring.

Charlotte cut a promo backstage saying that she won’t disappoint the Blue Brand at Survivor Series
The New Day vs The Bar & Big Show
Xavier Woods took a fair amount of damage for his team throughout the match. The Bar tagged in and out to keep the pressure on Xavier until Woods protected himself on the top rope and shoved Sheamus off to hit a missile dropkick.
Woods tagged in Kofi and then Kingston started rolling over Cesaro. But this match was intended to put The SmackDown Tag Team Champions over because they have a big Survivor Series match against AOP. That match is going to be stiff.
Big Show tossed Woods into the barricade as Kofi nailed a Trouble In Paradise and an SOS, but Ceasro kicked out after each move.
Show hit a KO punch on Kofi in mid-air and got the win.
Winners: The Bar & Big Show
A bunch of SmackDown tag teams were backstage and The Usos came in to rally their troops for Survivor Series as they win the big tag match. The Colons, Anderson and Gallows, and SAnitY all got shirts and The Usos look ready for war.

AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan – WWE Championship Match
AJ lifted Bryan to the floor and hit a flying forearm in the opening moments before they cut to commercial break.
Styles started working on Bryan’s leg early to soften it up for an enviable calf crusher. Daniel caught Styles with a kick to the face, but Styles reversed Bryan’s charge and tried for a springboard but Bryan shoved him to the floor. Bryan tossed AJ into the post to injure his shoulder and then he did the same to the other post to soften up AJ’s left arm.
Once they returned to the ring, Bryan continued to work on Styles’ left arm. He latched on a submission to AJ’s left arm as well and then followed with a stomp and a kick to the back before pinning for a two count.
They traded shots in the middle of the ring and then Styles hit a flying clothesline, but Bryan jumped up and flipped over AJ using the turnbuckle. They shot off the ropes and both hit a dropkick at the same time to lay each other out.
Bryan hit a running knee in the corner and hit a rana from the top turnbuckle for a two count. Then Bryan climbed to the top rope, but AJ stopped him. They battled on the top turnbuckle until AJ nailed a Pele Kick to stop Bryan in his tracks. AJ climbed up, but Daniel slipped under him and caught him in a tree of woe to lay in some kicks and a low dropkick to AJ’s face. Then he nailed a belly to back superplex from the top rope.
Bryan got a near fall there.
Daniel hit some more Yes Kicks, but AJ ducked the last one and tried for a Styles Clash, but Daniel fought out of it. They fought on until AJ hit another Pele Kick and rolled to the apron.
AJ went for a springboard 450, but Daniel turned it into a Yes Lock but AJ got to the bottom rope.
Daniel went for a running knee, but AJ hit a dropkick to the left knee and then locked on a Calf Crusher. Bryan reversed into an armbar and a Yes Lock in the middle of the ring. Then AJ turned it into a slingshot to the corner.
AJ got on the apron and missed a Phenomenal Forearm and then AJ hit the official. Daniel Bryan hit a low blow and then hit a running knee to win the WWE Championship.
Winner: Daniel Bryan
After the match was over, Daniel Bryan did a post-match beatdown on AJ Styles to solidify his heel turn.

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