Was Becky Lynch Injured After Getting Busted Open On WWE Raw?

Becky Lynch is The Man and she proved that in a big way on the Raw this week as she ran to the ring and took a wicked shot from Nia Jax only to fight on wearing a crimson mask. She was bleeding all over the place and it had to hard to watch for squeamish fans, but The Man fought on.

Michael Cole said on commentary that Becky Lynch had broken her nose as the blood continued to pour. She carried on with the segment though and since this was the first night in the last couple of decades of Raw where they had no overrun, nobody had time to stop and check on Lynch.

Mike Johnson said on PW Insider Elite audio when describing the events that went down that “Becky Lynch’s nose gets broken, she’s got all this blood all over the place” seemingly confirming that is what happened. If anyone has seen a broken nose before, that’s what they look like.

This kind of injury won’t keep her from competing at Survivor Series. But it’s highly likely that Lynch could be wearing a crimson mask once again if she takes another shot to the face from Rousey. Knowing Ronda’s history of roughing ladies up in the Octagon and the ring, Rousey vs Lynch at Survivor Series might turn into a bloody match as well.