WWE has a lot of options when it comes to their current roster. After all, they are going through a pretty big transition right now — especially on Raw. Bobby Roode and Chad Gable were placed together as a team a while ago and have been pretty successful as a team, but they have lost as singles. But the tension that was previously there didn’t seem to be a factor this week in as big of a way as it was before.
Dave Meltzer discussed the idea during Wrestling Observer Radio that they didn’t tease a breakup like they had in the past between Roode and Gable. But as with anything else, only time will tell what happens as these two continue as a team.

“The other thing too is the way they did that finish Roode kind of blind tagged, I guess that does continue the storyline. It was so subtle whereas in previous weeks you know it was a lot more clear that they were building tension between the two.”

So while a split of Gable and Roode might be on the way, it doesn’t look like WWE is going to speed it up like they might have been appearing in past weeks. However, if Dean Ambrose’s heel turn proved anything it is that WWE can do whatever they want at this point at a moment’s notice. Therefore, we’ll just keep paying close attention to Gable and Roode as a team for now.
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