Roman Reigns’ announcement that he is taking time off in order to focus on himself and his health as he battle leukemia for the second time wasn’t anything that WWE had factored into their long-term plans. After all, they had Reigns booked as WWE’s top guy for years to come — but now they must call several audibles on the field.
WWE has several options of how they want to book things from this point on, but apparently, Drew McIntyre will be in the plans for something special. If it’s not happening now, it is in the plans because as Dave Meltzer discussed on Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE might have pulled away from their plans to insert McIntyre into the high-profile match at Crown Jewel.

“I got the impression that there was talk of Drew McIntyre being fit in there at some point. It looks like Drew McIntyre is going to be the guy that they put against Strowman next which makes sense given the angle.”

Every top babyface needs a villain and it appears that if Strowman walks out of Saudi Arabia as the Universal Champion that he’ll have Drew McIntyre waiting for him. If anything, it will create a great poster with Braun vs Drew facing off, but it could also be a telling sign of who is moving into the top spots after Roman Reigns’ sad hiatus.
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H Jenkins

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