WWE Crown Jewel is 4 days away, and there have been reports that Daniel Bryan and John Cena don’t want to go to Saudi Arabia. Cena pulled out of the event and that announcement was made last night — but not explained. Still, Daniel Bryan’s involvement is still being announced in a big way and plugged on WWE TV.
Dave Meltzer discussed Daniel Bryan’s WWE Crown Jewel status during Wrestling Observer Radio  he said that we’ll know on Wednesday because Bryan will either get on a plane to KSA or stay at home — but at this point, he’s still being no-sold by the company leading him to speculate that WWE will deal with the WWE Championship match change in a very last-minute way.

“The version of the story that I heard — I don’t know if this is accurate or not — again because nobody has confirmed the story to me. I mean they may have confirmed it to other people but nobody has confirmed the story to me. But, when you ask directly nobody denies that either, so whatever.”
“But the version of the story that he’s not going is that they will not announce it or they’ll just do something on the show so who knows what?”

Only time will tell what WWE is about to pull off with Daniel Bryan. He will possibly stick to his principals or perhaps WWE will be able to convince him to get on the plane to Saudi Arabia anyway. Either way, we will let you know what’s going on as soon as we hear anything else.
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