DX ran the show around WWE for a good stretch and as Bruce Prichard said on Something To Wrestle With, they certainly had some pull backstage. There was an idea to add a member to the faction, but they nixed it — only to have another idea spring up and then executed as a way to get back at them.
When Test arrived in WWE he didn’t have much experience, but he soon found himself in a very big storyline on television. As Prichard explained, regardless of how much DX didn’t want him around their faction it still went on to help Test in the end.

“It’s a convoluted series of events that took place. Test was one of the guys from the very first Funkin Dojo and one of the guys we had brought up to Stamford to work out with Dory Funk and my brother Tom. He had the size, he had the look. It was: ‘Hey, we can do something with this big bastard.’ So we decided we were going to go further with Andrew Martin — with Test.”
“We put him under a developmental contract. But when Vince Russo saw him, Vince Russo saw a young Kevin Nash. That’s a quote. He thought that, ‘Here is the guy that can make DX, he can be the big heater for DX if we bring in Andrew Martin and we make him a part of DX and he’s the big nasty Kevin Nash role and everybody’s going to love it!”
“Well, [Russo] pitched it, and when he pitched it like that apparently to Triple H and the other guys in DX and they looked at him and said, ‘He’s no Kevin Nash.’ He’s not as big as Kevin Nash, we had [Test] at TV doing dark matches — I don’t think anybody is ever going to accuse Kevin Nash of working like Flair, but nobody was going to accuse Andrew Martin of working like Kevin Nash either. He was just as green as grass. Then the conversation comes up and [DX] are talking to Andrew and they say, ‘So tell me where have you worked, how many matches have you had?’… and I believe he said he’d had 11 matches at that point.”

DX decided that they didn’t want Test around after the found out that he had only had 11 matches under his belt. So DX said nope. Therefore, Prichard says that “but to kind of stick it to DX a little bit we’ll put him in a romantic relationship with Stephanie.”
Of course, Test sadly passed away at the age of 33 in 2009, but he had an impressive run for a guy that came into the company and was pushed into the spotlight by Russo because he liked his look. But, he never got to be in DX — however, he did date Stephanie McMahon on television… until Triple H drugged her and married The Billion Dollar Princess out from under him on the night before they were set to be married.
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