Roman Reigns opened up Raw this week with an announcement that he was a leukemia survivor and now the disease is back. He said that he beat it 11 years ago and now he’s taking a hiatus to focus on his health so he can beat it again — but fans had no idea about the first battle at all.
Triple H spoke to the Elvis Duran Show where he revealed why Roman Reigns decided to keep his first battle with leukemia a secret. Reigns didn’t want pity although he did plan on disclosing the information once he got to a certain plateau in his career — unfortunately, that time came far too soon as Reigns opened up the October 22nd, 2018 episode of Raw with an extremely sad announcement nobody saw coming.

“Very few people knew about [his first battle]. He and I had spoken about it and this was something that he didn’t want to put out there until he had reached a certain point in his career because he didn’t want people to feel like he was being pitied or given things for a certain reason,” stated Triple H. “He wanted to be able to come out at the end and say, ‘Look, I’ve dealt with this the whole time. You can do anything. This is not an end sentence.'”

Triple H said that when they were discussing what was going to take place on Monday he told Reigns: “Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.” That was the day chosen for Reigns to spread the word about his leukemia which is something nobody wanted to hear. But once he beats the disgusting disease, he will always have a home to come back to in WWE.

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