X-Pac opens today’s show by speaking about the NWA 70th anniversary show that occurred this past weekend. He notes that Willie Mack won the National Championship at that show, and X-Pac was thrilled to see that. He’s known Mack since Mack was a high school kid, and he points out that Mack had to overcome a lot of stuff to get where he is today. He’s proud of Mack, adding that he likes the look of the National Championship belt as well.

X-Pac ponders whether Mack might be a suitable challenger for Nick Aldis’ NWA Title. He points out that Mack needs to be a fighting champion who defends the National Championship now, so even though he might be a good challenger for Aldis down the road, that shouldn’t be the focus right now.
X-Pac points out that Sammy Guevara is an amazing performer, and he showed this again at NWA 70. He does point out that Guevara, like a lot of other performers, needs to be careful with how they approach their matches. He points out that when he was a young performer a veteran told him, “everyone knows you can shoot the gun, you can leave it in the holster now from time to time”, meaning that there was no need for high-risk bumps all the time.
X-Pac notes that Guevara started his match with a huge bump and almost didn’t land it. He points out that If you start like that and miss it, that’s a rough start.

Some fans were critical of the lighting at this show, but X-Pac thought it looked amazing in the building. He adds that he doesn’t recall that building ever looking that good on television.
Jazz defeated Penelope Ford and then followed that up by cutting a great promo as well. Many fans say they saw a different side of Jazz in that moment, a side of her personality that they didn’t see in WWE years ago. X-Pac says Jazz is a badass and still looks great in the ring. He wasn’t surprised to see Jazz cut that great promo, adding that she always had that ability.

Magnum TA also cut a great promo on this show, however X-Pac says he wouldn’t call that a promo. He thought this was a veteran speaking from the heart, talking about something that he was clearly very passionate about. This was a very authentic speech from Magnum, and he did a great job in X-Pac’s opinion.
X-Pac thought Cody and Nick Aldis had an excellent match. He thought we might see a Title change in this match, noting that there was probably an agreement in place to switch the Title back to Aldis, after Cody won the Title at ALL IN. Cody’s reign was probably meant to be a temporary thing all along, even though it might have been a better business decision to keep the Title on Cody.

X-Pac notes that Jim Ross and Chris Jericho are rumoured to be starting a wrestling promotion, funded by a billionaire named Barry Bloom. He doesn’t know anything about it and hasn’t asked them about the details of these rumours. As for the potential of him showing up in a such a promotion, he says he’s always up for being a part of something if it’s done well.
Tyler Breeze sent out a tweet recently, showing frustration with his current position in WWE. Cody responded to Breeze, telling him that you have to go make your opportunities happen. X-Pac was so happy to see that response from Cody. He says it’s each performer’s responsibility to make their own opportunities, and if they don’t, it’s useless to sit around and cry about it when they’re 50 years old.

X-Pac comments on the rumours that Daniel Cormier may be making an appearance as a commentator for WWE in the near future. FOX is apparently requesting Cormier’s presence and they also want the campy/hokey stuff to be limited when Smackdown moves to FOX. They want Smackdown to presented as more of a legitimate sporting event, which is the complete opposite of what Vince McMahon likes, so X-Pac is interested to see how this plays out. He thinks Cormier has the potential to be a good commentator.

X-Pac comments on Roman Reigns’ devastating announcement from RAW this past week. He says it was very hard to hear that news, especially since he knows Reigns. He was blown away by Reigns’ ability to go to the ring and make that speech with his head held high. He notes that this announcement really put a damper on the rest of the evening.
He points out that everyone might be on the Reigns bandwagon now, but some people shouldn’t forget how cruel they were to Reigns over the last few years. Some people took to social media after the announcement to continue their criticism of Reigns’ booking, and X-Pac tells those fans to “go f*** yourself”. He points out that people don’t understand how much those negative reactions affected Reigns, and he has been in gorilla position and saw it first hand.

He sends his love and prayers to Reigns and the entire family, and he’s sure we’ll see Reigns back in the ring at some point in the future.
Moving forward, X-Pac thinks Strowman might end up with the Universal Title now. He can still see Strowman in the role of WWE’s top guy, but he questions the booking of Strowman over the past year, noting that he’s been watered down somewhat.
That sums up this week’s episode of X-Pac 1, 2, 360. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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