Daniel Cormier recently made headlines as he was discussing during his UFC 230 preparation that he had to postpone a WWE tryout to be on commentary in order to train for his upcoming fight. This piqued a lot of people’s interest because his name is synonymous with a lot of things including having an opinion that is often worth sharing.
WWE might have something there if they invite Cormier to be on the announce team. But, as Dave Meltzer discussed on Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE set up the tryout at the insistence of their new business partners.

“Fox wants Cormier, so that’s the deal with Cormier. Number 1 they want more of a sports presentation. Number 2 they love Cormier from UFC and they don’t want to lose him, so that’s what that’s about.”

If you can imagine Daniel Cormier sitting ringside calling the action on SmackDown Live, then you can probably envision a pretty entertaining show. He makes a lot of money, so he doesn’t need the gig, but we’re sure it would be a fun one for him to have. Only time till tell if he gets the job and how often he shows up to call the action, but WWE’s new Friday night home certainly seems excited in having him come in to sit in on commentary.
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