Pro Wrestling Revolver held their ‘Tales From The Ring’ show last night. During the show, one of the most prominent stars of Impact Wrestling right now was potentially injured following what appears to be a hard-hitting match.
Dave Christ is one of the three members of Ohio Versus Everything (oVe) alongside Jake Christ and Sami Callihan. During the PWR show, Christ may have reportedly broken his right ankle after landing wrong during his match.
According to @TheEricWilliams on Twitter, Christ took a backdrop over a cage through a board onto the guardrail. Williams reports seeing Christ attempt to pop his ankle back in place, writhing in pain in the process.
Dave Meltzer has acknowledged this, but at this time, we have no further updates on if the injury was as bad as Williams claims it to be, or how long this would reportedly take him out for.
It should be noted that Impact has taped the next few shows, but given he is a huge figure within the roster, he may miss future shows and tapings to recover from the proverbial injury.
Christ himself hasn’t responded, though he has retweeted a number of photos from the show last night. Some of these actually paint a picture of the scene Williams explained in his tweet. Check them out below:

In the latter tweet, you can see the cage door, the board and the guardrail that Williams was talking about.
Stay tuned to Ringside News for further updates and clarification on this story.
Were you in attendance at the show? Are you a fan of oVe? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.

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