Rey Mysterio is back and after a successful return at SmackDown 1000, he’s set to compete in the Crown Jewel event during the World Cup Tournament. He also has a lot more appearances on the calendar.
Dave Meltzer explained on Wrestling Observer Radio that Mysterio needed to work fewer dates because of couple good reasons. But WWE apparently won out on the deal when it came to how many dates they wanted him to work because Rey wanted less and WWE wanted way more. Of course, judging by the number of dates Mysterio agreed to, we wonder how many more dates WWE could have been asking for because Mr. 6-1-9 is booked for quite a few shows down the line already.

“I know that one of the big things that they were negotiating was a number of dates and there was absolutely a maximum number of dates in that deal. They wanted more and he wanted less and they compromised in the middle.”
“But it’s weird because when I heard about that, and I don’t know what the number were — but they wanted a certain amount of dates and he wasn’t going to go for the number. And I was thinking, ‘Don’t they understand that it’s for everyone’s best interest for him to work less dates just because he’s had whatever it is, 11/12 knee surgeries. No matter what, no matter how hard he trains, no matter how light he gets, no matter how well he moves in the ring that’s a problem waiting to happen. The only way that’s not going to happen is if he works less dates.”
“When he used to work for them all I used to hear was the complaints which is funny because he still worked more dates than Triple H, Undertaker, and people like that. He’s smaller and been through a lot, but he had the rep that for whatever reason those guys were allowed to be hurt but he wasn’t allowed to be hurt. You know how the double standard is.”
“I’d always hear the complaints, ‘When is the last time he went a year without getting hurt.’ I was like, ‘Well, he’s going to have the same problems he had 5 years ago when he was there and he was getting hurt. Being older doesn’t help. Anyway, I was surprised at how many dates he is working and he looks great, and he can be great as long as they don’t overwork him.”

Only time will tell if Mysterio has time off agreed in his new WWE contract, but WWE is no stranger to asking guys to come back early from a vacation if they’re needed. The fact is that he’s not the Jr he used to be at 43-years-old he might need and well deserve a much lighter schedule than the one he’s currently working for WWE.
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