The Rock Congratulates WWE For SmackDown 1000 & Tells A Funny Vince McMahon Story

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Although we still don’t know if The Rock is planning something for the SmackDown 1000 show, whether he will be there if he could catch a flight from London where he’s filming the Hobbs and Shawn Fast & The Furious spin-off or not. He could also always prerecord some kind of a message. But it looks like he might have already said his piece as well.

The Great One took to Twitter about an hour and a half before the big SmackDown 1000 event and sent out a congratulations to WWE for making 1000 episodes of a show named after his iconic catchphrase.

He wrote: “Huge congrats to my WWE family!
Fun fact, in 1998, I said to Vince McMahon ‘I’m gonna use the word ‘Smackdown’ tonight in my promo.’ He said ‘what’s that mean?’ I said ‘it means I’m gonna whup some ass.’ He belly laughed and said say it! The rest was history!”

This might be all we get from Dwayne Johnson concerning SmackDown 1000 due to his busy schedule, but The Rock certainly has a way with words. It would just be much nicer if he spoke those words into a WWE microphone more often.

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