Former Intercontinental & United States Champion Zack Ryder has hinted at the possibility of The Edgeheads reuniting on tonight’s SmackDown 1000 special.
Ryder, alongside Curt Hawkins, received his first big shot in WWE as part of the faction, which allowed Edge to continue his dominance at the top of the card. All three men played a role in the WrestleMania 24 main event, which saw the Rated R Superstar lose his World Heavyweight Championship to The Undertaker.
While there’s every chance that he could just be taking a trip down memory lane, it certainly doesn’t feel like a reunion would be outside the realms of possibility.

With SmackDown being a two hour show it feels like they should just try and cram as much in as they possibly can, especially if they want to try and make it be on par with Raw 1000 from back in 2012.
In terms of fantasy booking it’d be great if they used this as a way to reveal that Edge is able to wrestle once again, but as we all know, that won’t happen as he’ll likely never be medically cleared to compete in the ring.
Ryder and Hawkins both deserve to be given something that they can sink their teeth into one way or another, and in reality, it should be something more than a reunion. Still, if it’s going to serve as some kind of platform towards a bigger storyline (which obviously comes across as being quite unlikely), then we’re on board with it. After all, we’ve seen what they’re capable of.

Harry Kettle

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