Real Reason Why Crown Jewel Event Switched Venues


WWE’s Crown Jewel event is going to take place and as we previously reported it’s going to take a huge amount of pressure, even more than they’ve already received to make WWE actually change their big-money plans.

But some people thought there was an issue before the controversies even popped up this time around because they had to change their venue in Saudi Arabia from a 60,000 plus arena to one that first nearly a third of that amount.

However, as Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio, there was a very good an much interesting reason why this decision was made to switch venues inside the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.

“The bigger building is just being renovated, that’s like a non-story basically — they just didn’t know. That’s all Saudi Arabia. The moving from the 67,000 seat building to the 25,000 seat building.”

It was also noted that there isn’t even tickets on sale for the show yet because it won’t matter. Because just like in the Greatest Royal Rumble where tickers were around $5, all of the tickets suddenly sold out overnight.

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