When they tell you not to jump in the ring during a pro wrestling event they always say that for a reason. We have received a couple of reports about this already this morning and things apparently popped off big time at an indie wrestling show in Chillicothe Ohio on Saturday night.
Things apparently started off when hardcore wrestling legend Mad Man Pondo was in the ring cutting a promo. We’re not sure what he said exactly, but it was enough to cause multiple fans to jump into the ring (one wearing a panda mask). This caused a slew of wrestlers to come down to the ring from the back and pummel the overzealous fans until they were reportedly left a bloody pulp.
One report sent to us from the show via @BiggAlbowski who was in attendance said the following of the fiasco:

“4 male fans jumped in the ring at IWA during a Mad Man Pondo promo and it was insane. Some wrestlers ran from the back and just booted a dude in the ribs. Fans were bloody.”
“Mad Man Pondo was cutting a promo in the ring to some audience member to jump in, for some reason these 2 other guys was like hyping up the guy he originally told to jump but then they jumped in and 2 of their friends joined but then a few wrestlers came out the back and just bloodied them up. Cops came and everything. One guy even had on an oversized panda mask, It was nuts.”
“One wrestler gave a Randy Orton punt to one of the guys right in the ribs and it was solid thud. You never expect for people to actually jump in the ring so I didn’t have my camera out but I wish I did.”

This was a shoot happening at an indie event and we hate to hear of this kind of thing happening. Fans should never rush the ring and this should be a great lesson as to why they need to realize it’s all part of the show and keep their emotions in check. Because there is likely going to be a locker room full of wrestlers who would jump at the chance to defend their ring against a couple intruders with no wrestling training.

H Jenkins

H Jeknins is a News Correspondent at Ringside News, keeping wrestling fans updated with timely and accurate reports on all things wrestling.

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