Too Cool was an undeniable team during their day and everyone loved so many parts of their act as it all just seemed to work. But apparently, Scotty Too Hotty wasn’t too hot on the idea of bringing out dancing and making that part of the act. Of course, that changed because he ended up being famous for doing the worm.
Bruce Prichard discussed Too Cool’s addition of Rikishi to make them a trio during his Something To Wrestle With podcast. He said that there was no plan to make this thing work beyond a booking to put them in a match because it worked for their purposes. But due to fan reaction, things certainly picked up big time for Scotty Too Hotty, Grand Master Sexay, and The Usos’s papa.

“It was a happy accident, we put them in there together. They had chemistry and then when Rikishi started to dance, (in Vince McMahon impression) ‘Godd*mn! look at him move! I love it! Look at those cheeks!'”
“The audience ate it the f*ck up. They loved seeing them together. They loved seeing them dance and it was entertaining as sh*t so Vince just looked at it and thought. ‘Godd*mn man, we might have something here with these 3.”
“But it wasn’t planned at all. It wasn’t like, ‘Hey I know, let’s put Rikishi with Too Cool and make them a team.’ No, it just happened and we capitalized on the reaction.”

Brian Christopher is sadly no longer with us, but his memory will live on. One of his greatest highlights was being a part of Too Cool and we’re glad that we could have those moments with him as he entertained millions. But apparently, it all happened as sort of a happy accident as the fans dictated once again about what they wanted to see and they wanted to see them dance.
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