Latest On Pete Dunne’s Injury Status

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Pete Dunne is WWE United Kingdom Champion and he’s held that title for over 500 days at this point making him the longest-reigning champion in WWE’s modern era which is quite an accomplishment. But he was recently injured and pulled from a tour leaving his British Strong Style brothers to cover for him.

Dunne did not compete during the first night of television tapings for NXT UK this week, but reports from fans who were in attendance say that they did air a promo package hyping that Dunne will be in action for tomorrow’s tapings.

Only time will tell what happens once Dunne returns to the ring tomorrow. If he drops his WWE UK Title it would be extremely interesting especially considering how long he held the belt and has become quite a champion in the process. But, hopefully, things will turn out okay.

If anything, the fact that he will supposedly be competing tomorrow is a great sign that he can at least go even if his foot is banged up a little bit.

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