Another Main Roster Superstar Considered For 205 Live


WWE is way more than Raw and SmackDown at this point and with so many rosters of talent, it can give Superstars the ability to get a fresh start and remain in the same company.

Mike and Maria Kanellis were recently moved to 205 Live and according to our sources, WWE might be considering another move to the Cruiserweights.

We have heard through a source and Barnburner’s Joe Peisich has confirmed that WWE is considering a move for Zack Ryder to 205 Live. While it’s unclear what kind of timeframe this might be considered for, WWE might be looking to beef up with 205 Live roster.

Only time will tell if this is acted upon, but it’s something that is said to be batted around backstage. If WWE continues to add bigger stars to 205 Live, they might bring in some much-needed viewership to a show with “live” in the title of the show that is currently pretaped.

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