WWE is sparking a lot of controversy with their Saudi Arabian deal. At this point, the government which WWE is tasked to make appear progressive isn’t doing much in the way to really help things by murdering journalists and homosexuals. This is obviously something that some WWE Superstars have a problem with.
Dave Meltzer mentioned on Wrestling Observer Radio that while he doesn’t know for sure, “the law of averages” would dictate that some WWE Superstars might want to stay home this time around instead of going back to Saudi Arabia.

“I haven’t even bothered because what does it matter what they think when you really think about it. I’m sure that the law of averages whatever it is, there’s 200 people on that roster you know and the law of averages is that there are probably dozens that probably don’t want to go or don’t feel right about something.”
“But if you said something now it would create a mainstream media story. It would shine a light on this whole thing and it would be bad for WWE if the light was shined on this right now. So anybody who says anything publically — and that’s the thing because nobody says anything anyway. You don’t really have, I don’t want to say you don’t have freedom of speech there, but you kind of — it’s different from most companies.”

It was noted that in UFC there would be a different situation because fighters would say whatever they want. In WWE, it would be much different because of the way the company runs.
So we probably shouldn’t expect any more backlash within the company about WWE doing a deal with the Saudis. You can watch the show or naw, but if you naw then you miss seeing DX breaking it down in the Middle East.
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