WWE promoted Trish Straus vs Alexa Bliss for WWE Evolution but then they changed their minds on that match. While the reason is still a controversial topic, apparently WWE has more in mind for one of those teams.
Lita and Trish are best friends in real life so their teaming up with each other is a natural fit. After all, they were the first women to main event Raw in a singles match and they did it together. Now they get to march into Evolution which is the first-ever all-female WWE pay-per-view.
Mike Johnson noted on PW Insider Elite audio that a big backstage reason WWE went with this match is that WWE has plans for more matches with Lita and Trish as a tandem down the line.

“I was told the decision was made about 2 weeks ago to turn that into a tag and part of it is they want Trish and Lita to be a tag team going forward. They have for them coming out of this for them to be appearing on major shows as a tag team.”

Of course, one of the other primary reasons why this decision was made had a lot to do with the fact that Alexa Bliss is injured so they can protect her in a tag team match. This was noted as well that Bliss being injured and WWE’s plans for Trish and Lita seemed to make this match change make the most sense.
So if you really like Trish and Lita, then you might really enjoy what WWE has in store for fans because apparently, there’s going to be much more even after WWE Evolution is said and done.
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