Just when you thought you’d seen everything, WWE legend Jerry Lawler decided to ‘dab on his haters’ in perhaps the most bizarre use of social media from a WWE personality this year – and that’s saying something.
Lawler has never been a stranger to controversy in any way, shape or form, and The King has been on the wrong end of some negative energy as of late.
The big reason for that is because he was recently spotted front and centre at a Donald Trump rally, causing outrage amongst many members of the WWE Universe. While his tweet could be more of a general response to his critics, it certainly seems like that’s the biggest thing he’s responding to.

Many fans have a love/hate relationship with Lawler, although despite everything, he’s still considered to be one of the greatest commentators of the last 20 years for the company.
Jerry still wrestles every now and again but it seems as if he’s moving into a period where he’ll exclusively be focusing on appearances more so than anything physical, although you truly never can tell when it comes to The King.
So for fans out there who were particularly outraged by Lawler’s recent cameo, it certainly seems as if he isn’t all too fazed. If anything, he seems to be in great spirits, although given how many alternatives there now are in the world of commentary, you’d have to question whether or not we’ll ever see Jerry sitting behind that desk with Michael Cole again.

Harry Kettle

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