Bobby Lashley’s WWE return wasn’t hyped like it could have been and it left some fans feeling underwhelmed. He didn’t get the match against Brock Lesnar like he said he was promised either and then he found himself wrestling in programs that weren’t high on the card at all.
But with Lio Rush by his side, it looks like WWE has decided to turn Lashley heel and as Dave Meltzer explained on Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE went this direction for a very good reason.

“The one thing when it comes to Lashley is he really was going nowhere as a babyface and the thing with [WWE] one of the reasons is that they have a certain style that a babyface must work which basically is that the babyface must sell for long periods of time and make comebacks and Bobby Lashley selling for long periods of time sucks.”
“That’s just not what he does well. So he can be a babyface in TNA, he can be a babyface in Japan but in the WWE Playbook being a babyface it’s going to be tough so he’s better off as a heel and he needs a manager and Lio Rush is obnoxious as hell so I think the pairing is quite good.”

It seems like WWE has figured out how to make Bobby Lashley work, but he won’t be a smiling babyface when he’s making waves in WWE from this point on.
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H Jenkins

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