WWE Network was a great idea and it finally came to life after batting around several ideas. Now that WWE has gotten some time with the present-day WWE Network, it seems like they’re looking to switch things up once again.
Mike Johnson stated on PW Insider Elite audio update that WWE is currently still in full developmental mode with what they want to turn the WWE Network into eventually.

“The interesting thing that’s going on right now inside [WWE] is […] they are very deep in retooling what the WWE Network is going to look like come 2019. They’re looking at doing the tiered system again. They’re looking at things like independent wrestling specifically EVOLVE and Progress and ICW on there.”
“They are pretty much taking a hard look at all of the original programming which means all the animated series, all the documentaries, all the Table For 3 and things like that. They’re deciding what’s going to go forward and what’s going to go on the wayside.”
“They’re looking at old concepts that they had thrown away to see if there’s something they can do with them instead of coming up with new ones. They’re looking at video libraries they could acquire again. They’re certainly in the mode that we are here, we want this thing to be bigger than it is.”

Only time will tell what will happen with the WWE Network in a year’s time but it really looks like WWE is gearing up to change things around in a big way as they try and maximize the revenue they could have coming in.
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H Jenkins

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