The pro wrestling business is full of amazing characters and as time goes on, you really never know who will be the next breakout star. But the legends from the past, as important as they might be should never be fully emulated, especially according to The Undertaker because he knows you need to do something unique to yourself.
The Undertaker recently sat down with Pastor Ed Young as part of the “Wrastlin'” series. He said that the key is to making a unique character and having the people latch onto it. But to do that you must first create an emotional connection with your audience. But some people coming in from other sports might not have the idea that they need to be different and instead they fail because they’re busy trying to be someone else.

“We get a lot of people from different sports, you know. Maybe they were football players or amateur wrestlers and they think, ‘oh that’s wrestling I can do that.’ You know but what you end up finding out is these guys come out and they don’t look genuine.”
“They look out of place because what they’re doing is they’re trying to emulate or be like a wrestler they watched on TV instead of being the wrestler they saw on TV.”
“So like if somebody and I’ll use Rock for an example because he was a really charismatic guy. Like you get a guy and he’s like ‘I’ve seen The Rock, I can do that.’ If you try to be something else, you have to make it yours. You got to own it. If I’m trying to be The  Rock people are going to see through that. But if you can be the original individual you know that’s the key to making people believe and that what you have to do.”

The Undertaker used Steve Austin as an example of someone who really turned their own personality up to a higher degree to make things work on an original level. After all, it’s way harder to bring something original to the table than just do what you saw someone else says or do on television which is never going to work out as well.
The Rock and Shawn Michaels were also able to present unique characters. But there are some people who come in without the predisposition idea that they need to be different, like others from different sports and they don’t understand that they don’t need to try to be someone they’re not because forging their own path and making it your own is the way to go.

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H Jenkins

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