The Undertaker has been fortuante enough to wrestle plenty of amazing talents who have torn up the pro wrestling world. But fans never got to see The Dead Man square off against Andre The Giant, even though as it turns out Andre had some big plans for the two.
The Undertaker recently sat down with Pastor Ed Young as part of the “Wrastlin'” series and he revealed that Andre told him that he had a match in mind for the two of them. Andre usually hated other big guys for many reasons including the fact he wanted to keep his spot, and for that old-school reason, he never disclosed to The Dead Man what his plan was no matter how much Taker asked him what the plan was.

“By the time that I got there, [Andre’s] health was really in decline. He wrestled a few times and it was funny because Andre was really old school. Andre didn’t like big guys either — he loved me thank goodness. But for most big guys he thought they were arrogant or bullies or whatnot, but he had his way with a lot of guys that you would be like ‘oh that’s a pretty tough guy,’ but Andre set him straight.”
“Anyway, he liked me and you know I guess we always think we have one [match] left in us you know. He walks in, he’s Andre The Giant. Biggest star that’s ever at that time that’s ever been in wrestling. A worldwide phenomenon, he was always the first guy in the locker room. He was always there, he would love to sit there and play Cribbage and I’d come in and say, ‘Hey Boss, how you doing today?’ — he’s say, ‘Good… you know one day kid, me and you I have this idea.’ — ‘Oh yeah? Tell me about it!’ and he’d never tell me.”
“A good friend of mine to this day his name is Tim White, he drove Andre around and referees and I had asked Tim all the time: ‘Did he ever tell you? I would ask and he’d never tell me.’ He was old school in that because he didn’t want anyone else to do it because he thought he was going to get to a point where he could get back in the ring and we could do something that would be a big deal.”
“No one knows what it was, but you know he ended up passing away and he never let me know. I wonder to this day — ‘Man, I bet it was good.”

It would have been pretty epic to see Andre The Giant vs The Undertaker if only for one match. But in all reality, maybe that matchup is best saved for a video game like WWE 2K19 where players can see a fully functional Giant because during Taker’s time with Andre, the match, no matter how special it would have been might have been hindered by Andre The Giant’s diminished ability in his older age.

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